The fastest way to get sports scoreboards on TV and on your websites. Check out our supported sports and build your own scoreboard.

Display real-time controlled scoreboards anywhere

Vector Scoreboards

Select your sport and then simply choose one of our HD scaling vector scoreboards or create your own.

iPad / iPhone Remote

Use your iPad and/or iPhone as a remote control and let your scorer sit wherever they please.

Web Widgets

It's not only for TV! Embed auto-updating Web Widgets directly on your team website and be a PRO.

Team Work

Make your life easier by collaborating with other scorekeepers and by splitting up your tasks among multiple devices.


Update colors, hide unused parts or create a complete new scoreboard for your team.

Professional Solution

Use the External Display module for professional hardware capturing and deliver perfect High-Definition scoreboards.

Wow, but how does it work?

Capture Scoreboard
Remote Control
your live.score

Supported Sports

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